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Fall Security Tips, Practices for Fall

Summer is coming to a close. With the change of seasons come a change in your home’s security needs. Focus on these items below when considering your safety

Fall Security Tips

Light Up the Night

Fall means shorter days and longer nights. For instances, since burglars tend to do their work at night, this gives them more time to get in and out of your home undetected when you are away. The best way to discourage this? More outdoor lighting! If you don’t already, have lights installed near every entry into your home. You set these lights by a timer, or motion sensor. That way, if a thief tries to enter your home, the light will turn on and expose them.

Keep an Eye on the Heat

The temperatures will start decreasing, meaning you may be relying on your heating system to keep you cozy at home. Did you know that turning on your heat for the first time each season comes with an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning? Carbon monoxide, being colorless and odorless, is impossible to detect without a carbon monoxide monitor. Ensure your family’s safety. Especially if your home does not have a working detector. You should look into an energy management system, which allows you to create a custom schedule for your thermostat, adjust it remotely, and get real-time alerts when settings are changed.

Clean Up Your Yard

With a cooler climate, your garden will start to wilt and leaves will fall. Taking care of your yard will reduce hazards. You should clean gutters regularly, so water does not overflow and leak into your home, leading to expensive damage. Trim dead or loose overhanging branches, as they can fall onto your home or your car. Keep pathways clear of branches, leaves and other debris to prevent trips and falls.

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