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Exercise Tips: Glow in the Dark

Exercise Tips, whether you go for an early morning run or a leisurely evening amble, remember that visibility should be a major concern during the low-visibility hours of dawn, dusk and at night.

Even if your activity is just a relaxing stroll, if it takes you onto a roadway, it is to your advantage to make absolutely certain that motorists can see you at all times. Wearing white or light-colored clothing is not always enough, according to safety experts. Studies indicate that white or light-colored clothing provides headlight visibility for up to approximately 200 feet. Unfortunately, a motorist traveling at an average speed needs a minimum of 225 of stopping distance after seeing an object on the roadway.

To increase your visibility when walking on or near roadways, safety experts recommend that everyone wear reflective clothing. Reflective materials have a far superior headlight-visibility distance – the point at which a motorist can “see” you – and increases your margin of safety by up to 500 feet allowing a motorist plenty of time to react and avoid a potentially dangerous incident.

Exercise is good – so is safety. Remember to glow in the dark whenever you go out for a run in the twilight.

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