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Evade Burglars: Making Ends-Meet at Your Expense

Evade burglars, the tougher the times the harder burglars work to make ends-meet. A burglary occurs every ten seconds. How can you minimize your risk of becoming a victim?

One of the most effective deterrents is a clear warning that your property is protected by a security system. Displaying your window decals often causes many would-be burglars to go elsewhere.

A professional burglar can be in and out of a home in just minutes. Statistically, in 70 percent of all burglary cases, the perpetrator gained access through an open door or window.

Don’t leave spare keys outside. A key under the doormat invites a burglar to walk right in. If you must hide a front door key outside, conceal it in some unlikely spot. The best thing to do with a spare key is to leave it with a neighbor.

Lights and noise make all the difference at night. For instance, your best bet when you go out for an evening is to leave the lights turned on in a normal pattern, and turn on a radio or television so your home sounds occupied. If you’re going away on vacation, use timers or your home automation system to turn lights, radios and/or televisions on and off in a pattern that simulates your daily routine.

These little details are often all it takes to discourage would-be burglars and prevent them from making ends-meet at your expense.

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