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Evade Burglars – Give Them Something to See

Evade burglars. Burglars are opportunistic and are always on the “lookout” for easy targets. The best way to protect your possessions is to make sure what a would-be burglar “sees” at your home are signals that he or she should look somewhere else.

Ways to Evade Burglars

Window decals and yard signs. Displaying our window decals and yard signs is one of the best ways to discourage would-be criminals. They know it simply isn’t worth the risk of tripping an alarm trying to gain entry into your home.

Lock up. Over half of all burglaries occur through unlocked doors and windows. Most burglaries occur between 10 am and 3 pm – so “lock up” and arm your system even if you’re just running out for a quick errand.

Fill up the driveway. If you have two vehicles, leave on in the driveway. If you’re away on a trip or vacation, ask a neighbor to park there.

Give your house an “occupied” look. Even if you’re away, leave drapes and shades the way you normally leave them. Put lights on automatic timers to simulate normal patterns. An overstuffed mailbox and yellowing newspapers signal that no one is home – have someone pick up your mail and newspapers (including the free community papers that get tossed on your yard), or have deliveries put on hold.

Put valuables out of sight. Don’t leave valuables such as jewelry, fine art, or electronic equipment in sight, close to windows.

Remember, if a burglar does gain entry to your home, the average time spent inside is just 8 to 12 minutes. Most criminals head straight for the master bedroom, where most people keep their valuables. Cash, jewelry, guns, silver, electronic equipment and other easily carried and easily sold items are what they are after. The more steps you take to make a would-be burglar “see” your home as more trouble than it’s worth, the less likely you will become a victim.

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