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The Encyclopedia of Burglars

Every burglar isn’t the same. Some are amateurs, some are professional, some work alone, some work in teams. Knowing who targets who and when will help you to protect yourself from becoming a victim. Here are six common types of burglars.

Encyclopedia of Burglars

Encyclopedia of Burglars

1) The Opportunist

The opportunist is an amateur burglar. They become more active in the summer, when people are spending more time outdoors and out of the home. They might swipe bags left unattended or may pull something out of your pocket in a crowded area. The best way to protect against the Opportunist is to be attentive. Lock your things up, don’t leave bags unattended, and display neighborhood watch signs around your home.

2) The Distractors

This type works in teams. While one team member distracts you at your front door, another may try to enter your back door and quickly swipe valuables. These teams typically target the elderly and anyone that lives alone. The best way to protect yourself against this type of burglar is to always lock your back door if you’re answering the front and to check employee IDs of any “company reps” that come to your door.

3) The Carjacker

The Carjacker looks for cars parked in dark, isolated areas that may have valuables inside. To avoid your car from being broken into, park in well-lit areas, install an anti-theft device that has an ignition shutoff button, and make sure you don’t leave any valuables on display in your car.

4) The Identity Thief

They may hack into online accounts, pickpocket you in a crowded area, or imitate a financial institution to get your most important identity information. Remember not to over-share information on social media, use updated firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware software, and log out of all accounts when finished online.

5) The Professional

This is the hardest burglar to protect against. They are in-and-out in a flash and target vacated homes. Installing a home security system is the best way to protect against this experienced burglar.

6) The Actor

The actor targets the elderly and overtrusting. They commonly act as contractors, scamming you out of money or stealing your valuables in-home. If a contractor ever solicits you for work, make sure they have a company logo and uniform and a valid employee ID.

Being alert, aware, and cautious will make you an unlikely victim of theft. Knowing these common types of burglars is the first step to protecting yourself.

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