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Crime Prevention Pop Quiz

Being able to anticipate, recognize and appraise a crime risk situation can significantly reduce your level of risk. Test your crime prevention knowledge in these common situations:

1. Burglars most frequently enter a residence by:

  • Picking a lock
  • Breaking a window
  • Removing hinge pins
  • Using an unlocked door or window.

2. Sliding glass patio doors are best secured by the use of:

  • A wooden dowel or broom handle in the track
  • A key operated lock
  • A glass break detector
  • All of the above.

3. The best way to protect your purse from purse snatchers is by:

  • Tightly gripping your purse
  • Casually gripping your purse
  • Strap around wrist
  • Strap over shoulder and purse under arm.

4. The best type of lighting for home protection is:

  • Motion-sensing exterior lights
  • Normal interior lights
  • Timer-operated lights
  • All of the above.


1. Most burglars enter residential homes through an unlocked door.

2. Sliding glass patio doors are best protected by using all of the devices listed.

3. A purse is best protected by wearing the strap over the shoulder – or over one shoulder and across the chest – and carrying the purse high-up, under the arm.

4. The best lighting for home protection consists of a balance of normal interior lights, timer-operated lights and exterior motion-sensing lights placed at entrance ways.

How did you do? Are you a crime prevention wiz, or could you use a little more practice? Our blog provides many useful tips to keep you, your family and your home safe! Feel free to contact us any questions or try our DIY service.

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