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Consumer Fraud Alert Door-to-Door Alarm Sales

A potential consumer fraud has been sweeping the country. College students are going door to door during the summer months offering a “free” security system. In exchange for allowing a new alarm sign to be placed in front of the house. This consumer fraud is no joke.

After signing the contract, homeowners are finding out that the new security system is not really “free” since the system requires a 3 to 5 year monitoring agreement at $40 to $50 per month. In the end, the free system could actually cost nearly $3,000! Please be aware when someone is knocking at your door. Do not become a victim after signing a contract you can not get out of. Most of these contract come with a cancellation fee. And more often than not your security system comes with a cost.

We urge you to contact us, your local police or the Better Business Bureau and report any suspicious door-to-door alarm sales people in your neighborhood. ALL sales people selling security systems are required by law to carry a photo identification badge. This badge must lists company name, address, phone number and their license number.

Try our DIY services if you have an interest in installing your own security system.

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