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Community Security

Neighborhood Watch

We’re all aware of the long-term changes to the concept of neighborhoods. The intimate, lifetime resident neighborhoods that our grandparents know are replace by highly transient communities. People seek more and more privacy, and often share little more than a nodding-acquaintanceship with their neighbors.

This lifestyle creates a certain lack of concern for things going on outside our own property boundaries. In turn, this has created the perfect environment for criminals who rely on indifference. They enhance their opportunities to commit crimes without detection or interference.

Neighborhood Watch programs involve the joint efforts of your local law enforcement authorities, your neighbors and you. The purpose of these community-based programs is to enhance neighborhood security. They heighten the community’s power of observation, and to encourage the notion of neighbors looking out for each other in a spirit of mutual concern and assistance. That’s the stated objective. In actuality, Neighborhood Watch programs accomplish much more.

Neighborhood Watch programs bring people together in much the same way town meetings did long ago. Faces and names begin to take on personalities, casual greetings begin to be replaced with friendly conversations, and the whole process sets up a new level of caring and concern for each other’s safety and well-being. That in turn makes the whole community less vulnerable to crime because you and your neighbors are truly watching out for each other.

If your community doesn’t have a security plan, Block Watch or Neighborhood Watch program, this might be the perfect time to discuss starting one with your friends and neighbors. It’s the type of community involvement that brings about good things for everyone.

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