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Commercial Security System, Save You Cash

If you haven’t considered a commerical security system for your business, you’re missing thousands of dollars in potential savings. Most Chicagoland owners don’t realize that a commercial  security system does even more for their business than prevent theft. In a high-crime area like Chicago, security systems will also reduce your insurance premiums.

Crime Stats

Per the FBI’s report on Crime in the United States, approximately 1.7 million burglaries were reported. Fifty-two percent of those burglaries targeted non-residences. Further, of the $12.4 billion worth of property stolen in 2015, only 26 percent of it was recovered.

When it’s broken down by city, Chicago is number four in the United States for burglaries at 13,151 in 2015. That’s behind only Houston, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.


Benefits of Security System

The key to preventing that crime is a Chicago security system. But not just any system is going to do the job. Insurance companies, who make their money based on accurately predicting the likelihood of an incident, stress the importance of adequate security.

To receive discounts on your small business or business owner insurance you should talk to your insurance provider. Nationwide Insurance provides guidelines for ensuring your business stays safe which help insurance companies give you discounted premiums. Here are a few from Nationwide’s flyer on burglary protection:

  • Closed-circuit TV cameras to monitor all entrances
  • Safeguard windows with locks and resistant glass
  • Install burglar alarms with contact and motion detectors
  • Secure all openings
  • Ensure outside doors are metal-lined

The list goes on. Insurance companies want to decrease the chance of someone robbing your business. Install a Chicago security system, and you’ll have both peace of mind, and a lower insurance bill.

The savings you receive in insurance will more than pay for the security system, making it an obvious investment for any Chicagoland business owner.

If you’re looking to make a smart investment for your Chicago business. Contact the professionals at Alert Protective Services today. They provide the daily monitoring that many insurance companies require if you’re hoping to be eligible for a premium reduction.

At Alert Protective, we specialize in Chicago security systems and we’ll monitor your business for as low as a dollar per day. To learn more about our systems and service, feel free to contact us or try our DIY services.

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