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Burglary Safety Tips: What to Do If Your Home Has Been Broken Into | Alert Protective Services Inc.

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Burglary safety tips is important. If you come home and discover that your home has experience a burglary it’s important to know exactly what you should and not do. Ensure your safety and deter thieves from your valuables.

Stay Out 

  • Do not enter your home if you know some one has burglarized it. If you are already inside your home when you realize someone is intruding, exit your home immediately. The burglar may still be in your home and the last thing you want is a potentially deadly confrontation. This will also leave evidence undisturbed and intact. If your pets are easily accessible, take them out of the home to prevent their injury from broken glass and to keep them from disturbing evidence.

Contact the Authorities Immediately 

  • Leave the home and call 911. Once outside, wait in your locked car or at a neighbor’s house until the police arrive. Be sure to file a police report within 24 hours, as this will be required in order to file an insurance claim for the items lost during the break in. Police may ask you if you can remember any unusual activity in the area in the weeks leading up to your break in. Think about who knew you were away and recently had access to your home. Most burglaries are random, but on occasion they are committed by someone you know.

Assess the Damage 

  • Once the police have searched your home and it is safe to enter, begin creating a list of valuable stolen property. Ideally, electronics and jewelry should be photographed before a break-in occurs. Photos can help police identify these items should they turn up during the investigation. After your break-in, continue to check pawn shops for the items that were stolen. Take steps to prevent another break in—you might want to have a home security system installed in order to protect your home.

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