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Burglary Basics: Modus Operandi


Most burglars prefer to enter an empty house. They want to get in and out quickly. The first thing they look for is anything that indicates no one is home. Dead giveaways include: open garage doors, no cars and no noise. Even if you don’t have a garage, the absence of vehicles and silence can be signs that no one is home.

Many burglars walk straight up to the front door and knock or ring the doorbell. Again, if there’s no answer and no noise inside, the better the target house becomes. Next, they often walk around to the back of the house checking all of the doors and windows as they go, looking for an unlocked entry point. That is exactly the modus operandi in the majority of home burglaries. They don’t sneak or peek around corners or do anything else that would look suspicious. In fact, they generally walk confidently and behave as if they have a legitimate reason for being there so as not to raise suspicions if neighbors spot them.

Next, always give your home an occupied appearance. Don’t leave garage doors open. Don’t leave first floor doors or windows open or unlocked! And, if you’re going out place a battery-powered radio near your front door and play it loud enough to be heard outside.

These precautions are more than enough to convince the average burglar to look elsewhere for an easier target.

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