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Burglars Hot Spots, Keeping Your Valuables Safe at Home

Know the Places Where Burglars are Most Likely to Look for Your Most Valued Possessions

Burglars have a lot of hot spots. Home break-ins are an all too common occurrence. According to FBI statistics, about 1 million American homes experience burglary every year.

With that sobering statistic in mind. It would be helpful to know the places where the bad guys are most likely to look for valuable items. As well as knowing a few steps you might take to deter them.

Common Places Rummaged by Burglars

Here are a few of the places where thieves will commonly look for valuables. Especially in places you think are your secret hiding places.

  • Entryways and drawers – This is an obvious place that thieves will try to plunder. Eespecially those who want to “hit and run” as quickly as possible without exploring the entire house.  It’s not a good idea to leave car keys, wallets, and credit cards around the entryway. Even if there are in drawers. Since there is a high probability that someone can open them.
  • The bedroom – According to a recent study done by NBC burglars spoke about their break-in habits and techniques. 75% of them said that beyond the entryway, the first room they went to look for valuables was the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, they look under the bed and mattress. Next comes the bedroom closet and suitcases where you might have stored valuables.

If you’ve hidden valuables in boxes in your closet, try a little deception by deliberately mislabeling the boxes. For example, “college textbooks” or “old clothes to donate” are deceptive enough to cause a burglar to ignore the contents.

  • Portable safes – You might think this is a good place to keep your valuables. But if it’s small and probable, a thief will just take the safe and crack it open later. The best deterrent is to have a fire-resistant safe that’s bolted down or a heavy home safe that can’t be easily carried away. If the safe is hard to move, the chances are thieves won’t take the time to try to crack the combination.
  • Medicine cabinet – These are frequently pillage by thieves looking for drugs they can sell on the street. That means that beyond the drugs themselves, don’t leave any valuables in plain sight around your medicine cabinet.
  • Freezer – You might think it’s a good idea to hide some treasured item in your freezer, but the chances are a thief is going to think of that place, too. If you decide this is your hiding place of choice, place your valuables inside a food box or wrapper and not in something that would stand out to a burglar, like an old sock or something like that!

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