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Burglaries on the Rise

Smart Security Systems to Prevent Burglary

Burglaries are on the rise. The activities of burglars and lifetime criminals seem to increase exponentially whenever economic times get hard. That can mean that your house, your neighbors’ houses, and your community all are potential targets for opportunistic criminals. Here are some recommendations to follow to help you keep your family and possessions safe:

  • Perform a system test. If you haven’t done so recently, contact us to arrange a full capability test of your security system to make certain every component is functioning properly.
  • Always arm your system when you leave your home, even if you’re just running a short errand.
  • Always keep your doors and windows locked.
  • Avoid obvious signs of absence. Make your home look occupied when you are away. Use timers, or your system’s home automation options, to turn lights on and off at normal times, and turn a radio or television on and off.
  • Avoid putting empty cartons for high-priced electronics at curbside for trash pickup. Break the cartons down and bag them.
  • Avoid discussing your plans regarding money with all but your most trusted friends and relatives.

It’s an unfortunate fact that these preparations need to be an integral part of our everyday thinking. However, it is much better to make the effort to be prepared for the worse-case scenario, rather than allow a desperate criminal to catch you off guard.

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