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A Look at a Break-In With and Without a Monitored Alarm System

Alarm System Monitoring

Break-ins are stressful and alarming to all homeowners. They tend to be far less nerve-wracking and destructive when a monitored alarm system is in place. When an alarm sounds, it alerts a burglar about their detection. This informs the homeowner, neighbors, and a central monitoring control technician of the infraction that is occurring. This article will examine and compare the sequence of events that take place in a typical burglary. We will compare an unalarmed home with a home that has a security system.

Unmonitored Home

After investigating a home to confirm that nobody is home, a burglar chooses a point of entry. Unless you’re at home or an astute neighbor happens to be eyeing your home when someone is burglarizing it. The burglar has full reign to explore and take anything in your home that is unlock. If the burglar is not caught in the act and you have no alarm system you can only call the authorities. File a police report and homeowner’s insurance claims, and hope for the best.

Alarm Secured Home

If your home is secured with a monitored alarm system, it is less likely to be broken into than an unalarmed home. If it is broken into, an alarm will sound to alert you, the perpetrator who is invading your home, your neighbors, and security professionals at a central monitoring center of suspicious activities. Your security provider will investigate the situation immediately and call the police if necessary.

While the cases highlighted in this article focus on homes, it is important for homeowners and managers of commercial entities alike to be aware of the benefits of a monitored alarm system and consider securing their homes or businesses with them. If you are looking to install a state-of-the-art security system in your building, call Alert Protective Services, Inc. at (855) 433-6700 or visit us online! Try our DIY service today!

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