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Biometrics – Security at the Touch of a Finger

Biometric Security System

Biometrics security is evolving. Are you ready for the age of biometrics? It may be much closer than you think. Today, more and more banks are using, or are seriously considering using, biometric devices as a substitute for bank cards and PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) at ATM machines.

Biometrics security systems “read” the unique features of your own individual physiology. They are virtually foolproof, since no two fingerprints or hand prints are the same.

Biometric scanners are already being offered by some notebook PC manufacturers, and a version is found in the newer iPhone models and computers. For instance, apple has this feature called Touch ID. Touch ID allows you to use your finger print to login into our devices with just your finger print. Also, Apple has this other feature called facial recognition which allows you to login into your device by using a camera to recognize your face. This feature does wonders. They have also been in use for many years in access control applications. Their use at ATMs promises to save time and eliminate security concerns about lost cards and stolen PIN numbers.

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