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Best Places to Put Security Cameras

So, you’ve finally decided to invest in security cameras; you won’t regret it! Security cameras not only help identify and scare away robbers, they can also be helpful in the recovery process of getting your items back as well. Our security cameras company in Chicago, Il has outlined the optimum spots for you to install cameras in your home to ensure the highest level of security.

Security Cameras in Chicago, IL, Best Place to Install

The First Floor is Key

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 81 percent of burglars enter through the first floor. Installing security cameras near your front door, back door and around any first-floor windows will serve you well. Make sure to adjust the cameras downwards so you can see the intended area as well as a few feet surrounding it. Whether you place your cameras inside or outside your home is up to you. Outside cameras should be waterproof and have a “night vision” mode.

Bonus tip: use your front-door security camera to see who’s knocking at the door before you answer it, almost like a peephole that many hotels and apartments have.

Keep Them Out of Reach

Before trying to break in, many burglars will simply smash your cameras before doing so if they’re in reach. Try to keep them at least nine feet off the ground whenever possible. You may also be tempted to hide the cameras but keeping them visible will help scare intruders away.

Our security cameras company in Chicago, Il wants to help you and your family feel safe! If you have questions about security cameras, please contact us today or try our DIY services.

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