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Video Doorbell Benefits

Alert Protective is proud to offer some of the most cutting edge home security and smart home technology on the market. One of our most popular products for Chicagoland is our video doorbell system. Not only do video doorbells allow you to see and hear those on your home’s doorstep, it records everything that goes on in view! Below are some of our customers’ favorite video doorbell benefits.

Video Doorbell Benefits

Answer Your Door Even When You’re Away

When someone rings your video doorbell, instead of sending a chime through your home, you will receive a call to your mobile device. That means that you don’t even have to be home to answer the door! Simply tap the alert from your video doorbell app, and you’ll see a live streamed video of your doorstep. You can have a full conversation with your visitors from anywhere!

Keep An Eye On Your Home

Your video doorbell acts as a full-fledged security camera. It records everything that goes on on your doorstep and all footage is stored for your reference. Should anything suspicious happen, you’ll have video evidence to bring to the police.

Secure Package Deliveries

Package theft is real—especially in Chicago. With a video doorbell, you don’t have to worry! You can communicate directly with your package delivery person when they arrive at your home. If you integrate our smart lock technology with your video doorbell, you can even unlock your door remotely, let the package deliverer set the package inside your home, and re-lock the door when you’re done! Never worry about package theft again! Try our DIY services today!

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