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Back to School Safety Tips from Alert Protective Services

Back to School Safety Tips

Across the country, schools are opening for the fall term. Hopefully for your children it’s an exciting time as they look forward to new teachers, new friends, and new subjects to study. Above all, our wish at Alert Protective Services is that the coming school year will be a safe and productive one for you and your children.

To help you achieve that, we want to pass along some of our favorite back-to-school safety tips. Emphasize on two things, getting to school safely and home alone security.

1. Create a routine and ease into it.

Establish a morning routine for your child well in advance of school. They’ll know what they need to do each school day. Such as when and how to get to school, and when to come home. To ease any anxieties they may have, walk their route to the school bus stop.

Tell them to stay on the main streets and sidewalks and avoid shortcuts. Also, teach them to be aware of suspicious activity and stay away from adults asking for help. Like searching for a lost puppy, as this is often a ploy used by predators. And never, under any circumstances, accept candy, food, or gifts from a stranger!

School Safety Tips from Alert Protective Services

2. Install a video doorbell.

If you haven’t already done this, have a video doorbell system installed before school starts. With the use of smartphone apps, both you and your children can monitor who is at your front door. From there determine if it’s safe to open it.

3. Install smart locks.

You don’t want your children locked out when they get home from school, and to avoid that, you might want to hide a spare key somewhere outside. The problem with that is thieves know most of those hiding places. Consequently, it’s better to have keyless, smart locks installed that can be opened with a phone app.

4. Teach your children front door safety.

For starters, make sure they check to see the front door is locked when they arrive home from school. An unlocked door might indicate intruders are inside. Once they are safely inside, the front door should always be locked, and should see anyone who comes to the door before it’s unlocked and opened. That’s one of the ways a video doorbell system can be extremely helpful, as you can use your phone app to help them question anyone who comes to the front door.

5. Consider a family text chain.

We know, text chains can sometimes be annoying, but in the case of your child’s safety they can be extremely helpful. With a text chain parents and grandparents can be learn when everyone is safely home from school, and your kids can know where you are during the course of your workday.

The Best in Home Security from Alert Protective Services

We hope that you’ll find these back-to-school safety tips for parents helpful during the coming school year. If you have not already done so, we also hope you’ll consider the installation of a state-of-the-art home security system from Alert Protective Services that will allow you to monitor your children’s safety from your workplace. Our smart home systems include all the features you could possibly need, including surveillance cameras, smart locks, video doorbell, and professional alarm monitoring.

For the budget conscious, we also have an array of pre-programmed DIY systems that you can easily install yourself.

At Alert Protective Services we’ve been protecting midwest homes since 1982, and we would love to protect your home and family as well. Contact Alert Protective Services today for a free, no-obligation security system quote. Try our DIY services today as well.

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