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What is A Burglar Looking For?

Don’t Underestimate a Burglar

People often underestimate burglars. Most burglars know what they’re doing. They do their research before breaking and entering a home. But what are they looking for? You might be surprised. You might even be doing things day in and day out that you don’t even realize are welcoming burglars to your doorstep. Below are some of the things that a burglar looks for when canvassing the neighborhood for potential targets. Here are some tips on how you can avoid burglars.

  1. Curb Appeal (or Lack thereof) – An unkempt yard is a sign to burglars that you’re not home very often, or perhaps that you’re on vacation. Likewise, trashcans or recycling bins left on the curb can show that you haven’t been home in a while to put them away. If you’re going on vacation or know that you’ll be away from home for a while, it’s not a bad idea to ask your neighbor to do things like put your trash cans away, collect your mail for you, maybe even cut your grass (you might have to throw them some cash for that last one). Keeping your premises clean is a great way to avoid burglars.
  2. Strict Routine – Anyone who has a predictable schedule (so most of us in the world) are susceptible to burglary. Burglars take their time to understand just when it is that we are home and when, and for how long, we are away. If your daily routine has you leaving and getting home at the exact same time every day, you are showing a burglar when he or she should break into your home. If at all possible, mix up your schedule to throw them off.
  3. Failure to Lock – This seems like an obvious one, but people still fail to lock their doors and windows! Over one third of all burglars enter homes through unlocked front doors. Most of them, in fact, even KNOCK on the door to see if anyone is home! Always lock your doors when you leave, even if you’ll only be gone for 15 minutes or so. Walking the dog? Lock your door. Taking the kids to school? Lock your door. Grabbing some milk from the convenient store? LOCK YOUR DOOR! We can’t stress it enough!
  4. Beware of Workers – Believe it or not, a ton of burglars aren’t the classic stereotype wearing a black ski mask and wielding a crowbar. Most of them are actually very normal-looking people who you have probably interacted with! Service people, repair men, installation professionals, and any other stranger you let into your home are possible criminals. Sure, we may sound paranoid, but you can never be too careful! Make sure to hide your valuables and don’t give away any security secrets when you have strangers over.
  5. No Alarm – Alarms and security systems are one of the best deterrents of criminals. Having an alarm system with cameras and signs about your home send a strong message that burglars should stay away! If you have an alarm system, remember to activate it each time you leave, and if you don’t have a security system, see how Alert Protective Services can help you!

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