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Alert Protective COVID-19 Announcement


Alert Protective Services LLC

Here at Alert Protective during the COVID-19 pandemic, we commit to leading our customers and employees in the right direction. As COVID-19 continues to affect our nation, threatening the lives of many families, we continue to stand by your side. We are following all recommendations provided by the CDC and the national government. Our goal as always, keeping you and our employees safe and protected. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concern. 

Resources for COVID-19

  • Situation update: Get up to date information on the severity, reach and reaction at the national level.
  • Information for Travelers: If you are planning a trip or having family/friends visit please review these travel notes from the CDC and be aware of precautions and additional steps being put into place.
  • K-12 and Childcare Program Preparation: If you are an educator or have a child in school or childcare these recommendations will apply and help reduce the likelihood of infection and spread.
  • College and University Preparation: College and University students and faculty can learn information and methods to prepare for any issues which may arise during this time.
  • Other preparation steps and guidelines: For more venue and handling instructions about preparedness and national recommendations.

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