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Not Your Average Lock and Key

Do you need more than just a security camera system to keep your business secure?  Many companies, residential properties, and industrial units are phasing out the traditional lock and key for controlled access.  The conventional lock and key are easily compromised, which doesn’t give you, as the business owner, peace of mind.   

Have you thought of getting commercial access control?  Having a controlled access security system in place will allow you to have full control over all entry permissions.  Did you know you can remotely lock and unlock your building from anywhere with cloud-based access control? With this feature, you can manage processes, such as adding or revoking user access wherever you are. 

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Another great feature is that you receive real-time monitoring and get instant notifications when employees and visitors enter and exit the building.  No matter your building’s size and layout, there is an access control solution to fit your security needs with Alert Protective.  You can also integrate your control access security system with your overall smart alarm system. Gone are the days of lock and key access!

It’s time to start securing the access points with more than just a surveillance camera system at your property and defining each employee’s levels of access.  There are different types of advanced entry methods.  Some of those include biometrics, secure smartphone apps, key fobs, and more to protect employees and data.
Call Alert Protective for keeping the Chicago businesses safe for 35+ years.  Schedule your appointment, get your free service quote, install your new access control system, and get support from our technicians.

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