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Winter Security Tips, Protect Yourself from Winter’s Worst

Protect Yourself from Winter’s Worst

You may still be in denial, but fall is here, and winter won’t be too far behind! This means you need to be ready to protect yourself from harsh winter temperatures. Here are few winter security tips you can look after.

“Frost-nip” is a weather-related condition that is much more common than frostbite. Frost-nip is a superficial cousin to frostbite that occurs when the skin tries to restrict heat loss by constricting small blood vessels, usually in the face, ears and fingertips.It is characterized by loss of sensation and blistering. When rewarmed, the skin may swell, turn red and itch — but, no permanent damage results. Frostbite, on the other hand, is much more serious. It involves deeper layers of the skin which can be irreversibly damaged.

Your best protection against both frost-nip and frostbite is to take steps to preserve your body heat. More than half of your body heat can escape when your head is uncovered. It is best to wear a hat that covers your entire head, including your ears and forehead.

If you are traveling to or through severe weather and your car gets stuck or breaks down, remember to stay with your vehicle. It is much easier to conserve your energy and body heat inside your car.

Stay warm this winter! Fore more safety tips, check out our website:

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