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Tips for Hiding your Spare Key

Keeping your spare key under the doormat isn’t going to keep your home safe – it’s time to get more creative. Here are a couple tips for where (and where not) to keep spare keys.

Where NOT to Hide Keys

Criminals are getting smarter, so the trick is to outsmart them. Avoid obvious hiding places – the aforementioned under-the-mat spot, above the door frame, in a light fixture and inside a fake rock are all spots that your key can be easily found. Criminals that are desperate enough will take the time to search all the common places.

Where TO Hide Keys

Keeping your keys with you or a trusted neighbor is always a safe way to keep them protected. However, if you do decide on a hiding spot outside your home, there are several tricks that decrease your chances of intrusion. First, there are key vaults, which are small boxes (similar to a safe) that you can attach to the outside wall of your home or hide somewhere.

Keeping the key in a place where you won’t be seen retrieving it is always smart. If you have a dog, keep it in the backyard doghouse – most criminals won’t take the risk of checking there. If you keep the key in lawn ornaments or outdoor fixtures, switch it up every-so-often.

A creative way to hide your key is by not hiding it at all. Make a wind chime with around 75 painted keys. Only one will actually work to get into the front door (just make sure you remember what color it is!); the rest are dummy keys. The potential burglar will most likely not take the time to test every key, and if he or she does, it will make enough noise to alert you or a neighbor.

Similarly, you can hide multiple keys in multiple hiding places around your yard – again, only one will actually grant access into your home. The point of this is to frustrate the criminal into giving up.

The key is to make sure you make it difficult for someone to enter your home. Be creative and discreet and you will keep yourself and your family safe.

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