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Things That Deter Robbers From Your Home

“If I were a robber, how would I choose to break into a home?” This may be a question you ask yourself when deciding how to best protect your family from break-ins. As one of the top security companies in Chicago, we wanted to give you insight into what scares robbers from breaking into your home.

Criminal Surveillance

Believe it or not, robbers may keep an eye on your house over an extended period of time to keep tabs on when people are and are not home. This means watching when cars come and go as well as keeping tabs on when you may be on vacation.

Beware of Dog

Dogs are awesome for a ton of reasons, one of them is protecting your house against danger. It’s no surprise that burglars will likely avoid your home if they see or hear a dog, as their barks and potential bites will deter the burglar to the next home.


Motion-sensor lights are a robber’s worst nightmare, as they may unexpectedly go off when they’re trying to break in. This could tip off family members who are home as well as neighbors.

Security Systems

Not many burglars are going to willingly try to break into your home if they see an established security camera system. Make sure your cameras are high enough that burglars can’t simply break them before entering.

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