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Temperature Sensors from Alert Protective Services

Alert Protective Services would like to announce that we have recently acquired temperature sensortemperature sensor into our inventory. We can install sensors that monitor the temperature in homes and businesses. These sensors will generate an alarm when the temperature at the sensor either rises or falls below a preset temperature. This can be useful for any home owner or business that have items they need to look after for. Whether you try to keep track of your food storage for all restaurant our restaurant owners out there. Or if you have important items you need to make sure that they are not be  tamper with by the temperature in an office. These temperature sensors can benefit you.

If the building has multiple heating/cooling zones, we strongly advise to install these  temperature sensor be in each one of the zones. Also, if the building has only one heating/cooling zone, we strongly advise to install these temperature sensors throughout the building. Temperature sensor can enhance your security system and they are beneficial for your home or place of business. Get the heads ups anytime you see a change in temperature for your items.

If you are interested in adding new or additional temperature sensors to your alarm system, please contact us or try our DIY services.

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