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Smart Homes of the Future (and Present)


In the digital age, things that were once the subject of sci-fi movies are becoming real. Smart homes with features that can be activated and accessed remotely are among these novelties. The capabilities of smart homes are growing more each year. Options for media streaming, lighting control, computer networking and energy management are a few features that smart homes have. Nowadays the future holds promise for more. Here are some of the newest innovations in the smart home industry as well as what you can look forward to in the future.


New programmable beds allow you to adjust position and firmness to your comfort. They can track different aspects of your sleep. The technology now exists to monitor your sleep and record how much you move. This includes breathing and heart rate, and amount of time you sleep. This way, you can know the amount and the quality of sleep you are getting—and make changes to your sleep schedule accordingly.

Portable projectors can make your bedroom wall or ceiling into a home theater. This solution is especially great for those of us tight on space for big TVs. Hook up your media files to a central server to stream on any surface of your home!


Some of the latest microwaves on the market can connect to your fitness and health apps to help you plan meals, maintain portion control, and achieve goals. They suggest recipes that will align with your goals and fitness level.
There is also talk of food scales that log how much of different types of food you are eating. This alleviates the need to manually track calorie intake, making keeping up on your diet that much easier!

They even have smart slow cookers that hook up to your Wi-Fi, which you can access remotely to start cooking your meal from the office or on your way home. Adjust the cooking settings from your mobile device.


From touch-screen glass for bathroom mirrors to toilets that analyze your waste to warn you of any health problems, the bathroom may be the most surprising candidate for smart technology. There are now even apps that connect to your tooth brush to track your oral health habits and shower heads that sync to your mobile device to play music. Will all of these innovations, the bathroom might become your favorite room of the house!

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