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Security Myths

You’ve probably heard some tall tales when it comes to your home’s security. But how can you differentiate between the truths and the myths? Knowing what threats to your home’s security are real and which ones are farces helps you better prepare to keep your home and your family safe. Our experts have debunked some of the most common home security myths and we’ve written a blog about them below!

Security Myths #1: A Dog Is All You Need

We come across plenty of people who consider their dog their home security system. Generally speaking, a dog can help deter burglars. Given the choice between a home with or without a dog, the typical burglar will opt for the dog-less household. However, dogs aren’t a foolproof home security measure! Dogs can be distracted, after all. Many dogs are friendly and welcoming to new people coming into the home. Sure they are a good noise-maker, but relying solely on a dog for your home security might leave your home vulnerable.

>Security Myths #2: I Locked Up, So Everything Is Fine

False! Sure, locking all the doors and windows is helpful in preventing unlawful entries (break-ins whereby an intruder does not use forced entry), however, 60% of burglaries involve forced entry. That means intruders are either kicking in a door or breaking a window. Simply locking your doors does not stop most burglars.

>Security Myths #3: My House Is Safe During The Day

Wrong again. Most residential burglaries actually occur during the daytime! Intruders want to minimize their chances of running into homeowners. Generally speaking, most people are at working during the middle of the day, making your home the most vulnerable at peak daylight hours!

>Security Myths #4: Security Systems Are Beatable

Sure some of the older technology used in security systems might be easily circumvented by a burglar, but if you’ve got the right security system, it’s game over for intruders. Alert Protective Services’ home security systems rely on cellular networks, meaning there are no wires for a burglar to cut!

Don’t fall for these myths when it comes to the safety of the things and people most important to you. Call Alert Protective to discuss the REAL threats to your safety and how we can help! Try our DIY services today! Or contact us if you have any questions.

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