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Safety Measures: Criminals Hardly Ever Look Like Thugs

Protect Yourself from Criminals

Robberies, muggings and other violent crimes can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The fortunate part is that there are ways to protect yourself. The first way, and perhaps the most important thing you can do, is arm yourself with knowledge. 

Criminals want to prey on “easy” targets. Don’t be one! Always look alert and self-confident – walk with a self-confident gait. Make sure to  glance around yourself constantly. Don’t slouch, shuffle, or appear to preoccupied to sense what is going on around you.

If you suspect someone is following you on a crowded street, turn around and face them square in the eye. Often, that is enough to convince him or her that you’re not an easy target.

He (or she) seemed so nice and friendly!” is a comment often heard when a victim describes the person who attacked or robbed them. Remember, it is the criminal’s goal to momentarily distract your attention in order to gain the upper hand. To do that, he or she can either use surprise – or kindness.

For example, your arms are loaded with parcels, and a stranger offers to walk you to your vehicle and open the door. You, of course, say “No, thank you, I can manage,” but he or she insists that you need help. This is a clear signal that they are attempting to gain control of the situation and move you away from the main flow of shoppers or pedestrians.

Whenever a stranger becomes assertive, it is time to make a scene and/or move away from that person. Always being on the alert whenever a stranger becomes too nice, too assertive, or too friendly can help you protect yourself from possible criminal intent and personal danger.

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