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Reducing Fire Risks at Work

As a Chicago security camera company, we know the fire safety is always on your mind when it comes to keeping your business safe. But did you know that statistically, the biggest threat to your business is fire? Below are some common causes of fire in the workplace and how to minimize the risk of a workplace fire.

Fire Safety Tips

Human Error

At the end of the day, no matter how cautious we are, we’re only human. It could be something as simple as throwing a hot cigarette or match into a garbage can that ignites a fire. One way to combat this is making safety a focal point of your office and implement a fire and safety plan in case of an emergency.

Dust can Ruin your Fire Safety

Unexpectedly, dust is one of the main causes of workplace fires. Dust and grime should always be kept at bay with regular cleanings, especially in environments it’s likely to appear. Plastic, wood and other materials may in time gather a layer of dust, causing overheating and potentially a fire.

Excessive Waste

If your place of business produces a lot of garbage and it’s not disposed of properly, it could translate into a fire that hard to put out. Make sure to properly oversee the garbage disposal process as to minimize the risk of producing a fire.

There are a lot of threats to your place of business. Our Chicago security camera company also takes pride in workplace safety as a whole. Contact us today to learn more information about fire safety. Try our DIY service today!

Source: Electrical Testers

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