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Laundry Safety, Clothes Dryer Fire Warning

Clothes Dryer Fire Warning

Laundry safety is important. We would like to remind you to clean the clothes dryer filter screen after each load of laundry, to clean the outside exhaust vents twice a year and to occasionally vacuum the motor area of the dryer.

The lack of maintenance causes twenty-nine percent of dryer fires annually. Thirty-two percent of dryer fires are by worn out parts. In addition to fire safety, regular maintenance and cleaning, the exhaust line, vents and screen will help the dryer run more efficiently.

If materials such as cooking oil, solvents and other combustible or flammable liquids  are not remove completely during the wash cycle, heat from the dryer may cause them to ignite. This is the reason that mop heads should not be put into the dryer. Someone should be at home whenever the dryer is in use and the home should have working smoke detectors. You never know when a fire may occur so it is best that someone is present. Especially when some is doing laundry. When you are doing laundry you should be tentative. If you noticed that something is off notify your fire department.

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