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Securing your Home with Todays Modern Tech

Home security systems attachments can benefit you. Few things in life are more valuable than the security of your home and family.  Home security system can greatly increase the security of your home, belongings, and family in a variety of ways/

Instant Deterrence

When you have a home security system, normally the company that monitors your system will provide you with yard signs and window stickers. These items help deter burglars. In fact, burglars admit such signs deters them from breaking in. Subsequently, the burglars will move onto another easier target. A home without an alarm system. Below there is a list of home security systems attachment that can defer burglars.


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Glass Break Detection

If your home’s security system includes glass break detectors on the windows and glass doors, then the alarm system will be triggered if any entry points are compromised.  The alarm system will then contact the police who will be dispatched to your home to investigate.

Motion Sensors

Similarly, motions sensors, when installed throughout your home, will detect any movement throughout your house when the home’s security system is set.  If unwarranted motion is sensed, then your alarm system will automatically contact the police.

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Sirens and Strobes

Many home security systems also have a siren and strobe lights that will go off when your alarm system is triggered.  The lights and siren will notify your neighbors that there is an emergency, whether you’re home or not.

When you’re ready to have your home security system installed, contact the professionals at Alert Protective Services.  Alert Protective Services has become Chicagoland’s favorite choice for home security, and with over 27 years of experience we’re sure to be able to design a custom home security or monitoring alarm system that suits you home’s needs.  Contact us for more information today!

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