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Home Office Safety and Security Week

Home Office Safety

Home Office Safety and Security week is this January 4-10. If you work from home, you should be safety-conscious all the time. With that said. take this week to go over the items below to make sure you are up-to-date.

Clear the clutter. Papers pile up, cords tangle and supplies like pens, and paperclips leave a mess. Not only does keeping these items organized increase your productivity and maintain your sanity, it also reduces the risk of you (or others in the house) tripping and getting hurt. Leaving papers and other debris spread around the office is also a fire hazard.

Have a fire safety and escape plan. Hundreds, if not thousands, of homes are affected by fires every year. Often, these can be avoided by keeping areas clear (see above), keeping a fire extinguisher in the office and having smoke detectors checked monthly. Even with measures in place, fires can happen. Create a plan and make sure everyone living in the home, whether they are home during the work day or not, knows what to do. Review this plan often.

Create a first aid kit. You can buy a kit at many drugstores, or more easily make your own with a box you have lying around the house. Stock it with ointments, bandages, and anything else you may need in the event of an accident until paramedics arrive.

Be mindful of kids. Are your kids home while you work during the day? It is hard to focus on your job while you ensure your children’s needs. Arrange alternative care for your kids. This way you complete your work and get the peace of mind that they are safe.

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