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Happy Trails!

Travel Safety

Happy Trails! Are you planning an upcoming trip to escape the winter weather? Do you travel at all for work? Whether it’s your annual vacation or a major part of your work routine. Security has become increasingly important for travelers in recent years. Here are some suggestions that can help make everyone safer when you’re away from home:

When traveling, always put a business address on your luggage tags. Never use your home address on luggage tags when traveling. Local baggage handlers could easily make note of the address and pass it along to criminals.

When you check into a hotel, make certain that there is a dead bolt lock. Make sure that your entry door and/or manual “bar-lock” prevents the door from opening. Also, check that any windows, terrace or balcony doors can be secure.

Whenever you leave your room, always leave a radio or television playing just loud enough to be heard in the hallway outside your door. Also, always put out the “Do Not Disturb'”sign on your door. These two measures are often enough to discourage anyone with a master door key from entering your room to have a look around for valuables.

When traveling, leave expensive jewelry at home. Nothing attracts the eye of would-be criminals quicker than “flashy” and “genuine” accessories.

If you suspect you’re being followed as you approach your room, continue walking down the hallway past your room until the person behind you enters his or her room. Or you can “act” as if you suddenly remembered something you forgot to do and quickly reverse your path and return to the elevator area.

Traveling, whether for business or pleasure, should be as safe and secure as possible. These simple precautions can help put you and your family into a safety-zone at your temporary home away from home.

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