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Childproof Home

Childproof Home Security Tips

Home is where everyone should be safest, including members of the family that haven’t arrived yet. For soon-to-be parents, the number one goal is to keep your child safe at all times.

Here are some helpful security measures you can take in your home to keep your new child healthy and happy:

  • Place safety covers on all electrical sockets: Babies are curious and tend to stick things in electrical sockets. Cover your outlets to prevent your child from getting electrically shocked.
  • Use a monitor: If you don’t already have one.  For example, purchase a baby monitor and keep it in the child’s room next to their crib. The nervousness may give you the desire to stand over your baby 24/7, but this is impossible. With a monitor you can hear (and even see with newer models) what is happening in the child’s room at all times.
  • Put a motion sensor in the room: Along with the monitor, a motion sensor in the nursery can alert you if an intruder is entering the room. If you already have a home security system, it is easy to add a motion sensor to your existing plan.
  • Install safety gates: These gates are relatively easy to put up, and will keep your baby from entering an area you don’t want them in, block them from falling down the stairs, etc.
  • Childproof your cabinets: The aforementioned curiosity of babies may also cause them to open up cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom, and therefore get into hazardous chemicals (cleaning products, nail polish remover, knives, etc.). Cabinet locks are simple to set up but can make a huge difference in hazard prevention.

The expectation of a new member added to your family is excited, but also overwhelming. You want to set your new child up for a lifetime of health, safety and success. These small steps can go a long way.


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