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City Safety: Trick-or-Treating in 2020 Looks a Little Different

As the nation prepares for one of the most beloved holidays of the year, we do so with a little more care and caution this fall. With Halloween right around the corner, parents may be hesitant to bring their children out and expose them.

NBC Chicago covered the guidelines for trick-or-treating around the city amid the current pandemic, and we’ve compiled those eight important tips that Mayor Lori Lightfoot shared here for you. Here are a few Halloween safety tips you can follow.

kids in halloween costume trick or treating

Mask Requirement

This year it is not just the monsters and witches wearing the masks. If you are involved in celebrating Halloween—whether you are collecting or handing out candy—you should be wearing a face covering. This alone is a great Halloween safety tips to follow for your protection.

Leave a Light on

Are you participating in the festivities? Are you not ready for that much exposure to the public? We get it—your health is at risk when the public is involved. Mayor Lightfoot has requested that those participating in Halloween either leave a light on or a sign in your window letting trick-or-treaters know.

Candy Givers

Two remarkably simple (and normal) circumstances need to be followed: be socially distanced with those you are passing out candy to and have hand sanitizer available for use.


Keep moving! The less you congregate in big groups, the better. With social distancing still very much in place, large gatherings are a no-go. Besides, the faster you move, the more houses and candy you will get!

All About the Treats this Year

But—we are also all about the safety this year. While trick-or-treating, please think of others and stop the spread of germs by not reaching into candy bowls and only eating your candy once you have returned home and thoroughly washed your hands.

No Haunted Houses

We know haunted houses are a fall-favorite of many, but the close proximity of them promote a dangerous atmosphere and no social distancing.

Keep Your Group Tight

A group of trick-or-treaters should stay small. Mayor Lightfoot recommends parties of six people or less while scouring the neighborhood for treats.

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No House Parties

Again, we know Halloween parties are the best treat around, especially when Halloween finally lands on a Saturday. But the virus does not care when Halloween is. To keep your family and others safe, you need to be responsible this year.

We know it is different, but make sure to have fun!

All security matters aside—Halloween is a time to let your children enjoy dressing up and pretending to be something else for a day. It is a fun tradition that no one wants to miss out on. Unfortunately, the pandemic had other plans for your Halloween this year, but that does not mean you have to throw in the towel.

Grab a costume and safely enjoy your favorite Halloween traditions without putting the community at risk. From all of us at Alert Protective, have a very safe and happy Halloween!

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