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Angie’s List: 2016 SUPER SERVICE AWARD, Goes to Alert Protective

Angie’s List 2016

Angie’s List annually hands out their awards. This year the 2016 Super Service Award goes to Alert Protective. This is the highest honor f0r the top 5% of qualifying businesses on Angie’s list. Alert Protective is the only alarm company in America to have won this award in 12 consecutive years. We feel nothing but excitement by this achievement. We are always striving to improve and will continue to focus on delivering world class service!

As we continue to progress over the years we only look forward to servicing our customers. Making sure we attend to their needs and they feel safe. Whether it his their place of home or business, we strive for excellence. We cannot thank Angie’s List enough for giving us this award. We greatly appreciate it and we look forward to extending our 12 year streak. Alert Protective has a long history of providing top-tier protection, and its customer service is outstanding. The company’s commitment to quality has won it many fans, and it is clear that the company values its customers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or try our DIY service if you have an interest in installing your own security system.

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