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Alert Protective Partners with A House In Austin

Alert Protective Partnership

A House in Austin and Alert Protective has always been an active and proud member of Chicago’s community. Alert has called this city home since their founding nearly 40 years ago, even longer as residents. As part of the community, we always do our best to contribute to it however we can.

Recently, we became aware of one of Chicago’s most dynamic and impactful charities, A House in Austin. Founded by Erica Hilgart, the grassroots organization takes a two-generational approach to address the needs of children and parents.


A House in Austin

About A House in Austin

A House in Austin offer a wide variety of early childhood development classes and programs.  These classes and programs consist of music, art, and education workshops. All in all, this creates a foundation of success for both children and parents.

Workshops and classes are ran out of their beautiful center in the heart of Chicago’s Austin neighborhood. With their philosophy, “Nurture. Educate. Support,” as a guide, they strive to reinforce mindful parenting. This creates  loving bonds and positive family memories.

Like every charity, A House in Austin does its best to stretch a limited budget to help as many people as they can. To help them stretch their budget a little further, Alert Protective has donated fire and security systems for their building.

We hope that doing so allows A House in Austin to support their fellow Chicagoans even more than they already do. We are happy to know that the incredible people of AHIA, will be more secure because of our donation. With the work that they do, and the families they support it will be needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about the amazing work that AHIA is doing in Chicago, please visit their website at A House in Austin – Chicago. Also, if you have the means, consider donating to help them continue offering free programming to families in our community. Every little bit helps.

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