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Security Tips for your Home

Every so often, it’s good to review your home security options. And see if you are doing all you can to protect your family. To make it easier for you, read the list below for some of the top tips for home security.

  1. Change your locks: When you move into a new home, one of the first things you should do is change your locks. If you lose your key or lend one to a friend or neighbor, you should also change locks just to be safe.
  2. Make your home look occupied: A home with garage doors closed and all the lights off is a target for burglars. Automatic light timers or timers on the television will help deter criminals.
  3. Have lights at every entrance: Motion-detecting lights should be installed at each entrance or outside large windows. No burglar wants a spotlight on them when they are trying to get into your home.
  4. Install deadbolt locks. All doors that lead into your home should have a deadbolt lot of at least one inch. Don’t forget to actually lock them!
  5. Conceal wires. If you have wires that are in clear vision around the exterior of your home, a potential intruder can cut it and disable the security system.
  6. Invest in an alarm system. The price you pay upfront for a home security system is nothing compared to the price some people pay when their home is broken into. Many times, the alarm system will prevent a burglar from even trying to break in. Invest in your home and family today!

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