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Your Home Security System – 5 Extra Steps You Can Take to Improve its Effectiveness | Alert Protective Services Inc.

Home Security Systems at Alert Protective Services Inc

Home security systems are an excellent means of protecting your home, possessions, and family. Monitoring systems drive would-be thieves from your home, alert the police, and increase the likelihood that trespassers will be apprehended.

In addition to your alarm system, let’s look at 5 extra steps you can take to improve the effectiveness of your home security system.

Security Locks

Installing deadbolts is a simple and an effective way to protect your home from a break-in. Deadbolts are immune to lock bumping, and are more difficult to force than doorknob locks.

Door frames

Of course, a high security lock is no good if it rests in an old and weak door frame, because it can still be kicked down. Sturdy door frames are crucial to maintain security. Replace your door frame if it is beginning to decay and consider replacing it with a metal frame.

Window Locks

Since windows are often left unlocked and sometimes don’t even have locked installed, they are common access points for criminals. By using window locks, you can deter entry through your windows. Breaking window glass is a loud, attention-grabbing method of entry that few criminals will pursue.


Use a safe to store your valuables, preferably one that is fire and waterproof in the event of a disaster. Social security cards, insurance papers, deeds, mortgage information, and other important documents can be stored within.

Internet Security

If you have a wireless internet network for your home, make sure a password is required to gain access. Without this protection, anyone can gain access to your network and possibly hack into your personal information.

At Alert Protective Services, we understand every aspect of home security. This is why we use cutting-edge technology in our home security systems to stay ahead of the curve. Call us today at (773) 685-8383 to learn more.

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