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Summer Fire Safety

Summer in Chicago

There are few things better than summertime in Chicago. With all the festivals, outdoor activities, beaches, rooftops, and restaurants, it seems like there is an endless amount of entertainment at our disposal. But some summer fun can be dangerous if you aren’t taking the necessary safety precautions—especially when it comes to fire.


Nothing says summertime like lighting up the grill! But be careful! Fires that start because of grilling are all-too-common. Don’t let grease build up on charcoal and gas grills, or you could unintentionally start a grease fire. Clean that grill off thoroughly before and after each use! Make sure if you’re grilling with a gas grill to turn the gas off after using it! Gas grills left running are a huge hazard! If you are using a charcoal grill or portable grill, make sure to grill somewhere open—not too close to structures or homes or beneath trees.


Fireworks are a Fourth of July staple, but are inherently dangerous. Make sure to supervise any children using fireworks to ensure safety. Don’t try and relight fireworks that don’t work the first time—dump them in water instead, as these can be risky. Sparklers and pinwheels may seem like safe bets for kids, but they are still fireworks and necessary safety measures must be taken! Don’t light fireworks near structures or beneath trees or powerlines. The best and safest place to use fireworks is away from civilization or over water.

Camping & Bonfires

Although the city isn’t conducive to camping and bonfires, there are plenty of places just outside of Chicago to spend a night or weekend in nature. Campfires and bonfires need to be closely monitored for everyone’s safety. Keep a bucket of water handy no matter where you build your fire. And when you’re done or ready for bed, put that fire out! Falling asleep with a fire still burning is risky behavior

Home Fire Safety

Indoor home fire safety is just as important as outdoor fire safety during the summer. Be sure to have all your home’s fire alarms in proper working order and keep a fire extinguisher or two handy in hazardous areas like the kitchen. Make sure your family has an escape plan in case of a fire as well. Running a simple home fire drill will be tremendously helpful should the day ever come that a real fire strikes.

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