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Specialized Security System – Protecting Your Valuables

Once you’ve protected your home’s exterior perimeter with one of our state-of-the-art security systems, there are additional options available to you to protect precious possessions inside your home. Here are just a few examples of the most commonly used specialized security measures:

  • Electronics—specialized anti-theft devices are available for all types of electronic high-tech components.
  • Jewelry and other small valuables—can be protected with an alarm contact on a drawer.
  • Safes—can be equipped with tamper-proof contacts.
  • Silverware—storage drawers can be protected with alarm contacts. Items on display can be protected with an infrared curtain.
  • Artworks—such as paintings, can be protected with infrared curtains. Sculptures can sit on recessed switches.
  • Firearms—gun cabinets can be equipped with door contacts and glass break sensors. Gun racks can be protected with infrared curtains as well as being physically wired with security cable to prevent removal.
  • Coin and stamp collections—display cases can be protected with glass break sensors.

In addition to these specialized applications, we can also offer you dedicated environmental protection systems that can detect water leaks, excessive temperatures or gas leaks. Please feel free to contact us about adding to or upgrading your current system to include any of these specialized security measures to your system.

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