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Having your own home is wonderful, but Alert Protective wants to make sure that you also feel safe and in control in your own home. Home security monitoring is critical to ensure a secure feeling within your own home, and Alert protective provides you with services that allow you to be in control of monitoring your own security in addition to relying on professionals. With your own control, you have the opportunity to make your home security as strict or as loose as you are comfortable with – for example, your home security system can also be set to alert you if anything out of the ordinary occurs, such as a door or window is opened or a fire alarm goes off. The following services listed below are examples of what you can do yourself at all times to monitor your own security in your smart home:

Manage Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you are simply updating your thermostat or locking your doors, you can manage all of your security needs from the palm of your hand. Right from your Apple iOS or Android device, your home security monitoring for your Oak Park home is available even when you are outside of your home.

Remote Video Monitoring

Not only can you adjust the settings of your security from your electronic devices, you are also able to view the inside of your home when you are away through home cameras. You can also communicate through the video monitoring through the two way talk feature for select camera models.

If you are home and have a concern about the close proximity on the exterior of your home, Alert Protective can install outdoor video cameras. These cameras tak crystal-clear videos all day and all night for you to view anytime.

Each person has unique needs when it comes to security. Contact our team to make sure you have a home security system that suits your needs.

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