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The Average Cost of A Home Intrusion

The average intruder only takes 10 short minutes to enter and leave your home: leaving behind a wake of financial and emotional disarray in their path. The financial burden recorded per robbery averages around $2,000 per invasion, but the invasion costs much more than just the items stolen. Here is why:

Entry Damage

Locking your windows and doors is an important practice to dismay a home invader. Unfortunately, some invaders are persistent. The most common type of entry used in burglaries is damaging, removing, or destroying a door. Replacing a door typically costs $500 for hardware and labor, and goes up depending on the size and quality of the structure. If a lock is needed to be replaced a locksmith may charge $100 for several doors, and even more to install deadbolts for added security. Forced window entry can also cause significant damage, costing about $300 per window plus labor. If you have a surveillance system, this will likely prevent a robber from trying to break into your home and you can avoid these costs.

Time Absent from Work

One thing you can never get back is lost time. The single most frequent and inconvenient cost to homeowners who are burglarized is the time absent from work to deal with the extensive paperwork, appointments, repairs, and other elements of burglary.  It can take around 33 hours on the phone to deal with burglary insurance claims alone–depending on your job, this can be a large loss for your income.

Insurance Costs

Time is obviously not the only thing lost when dealing with insurance. The average insurance deductible ranges from $250-$1,000. You will most likely have the burden of proof on you to prove you owned the items that were stolen from you, and must account for them appropriately.

Emotional Costs

In addition to the financial burden, a home intrusion leaves an emotional toll on house owners. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that ⅓ of home invasions occur while a resident is inside. When this occurs, you no longer feel comfortable in your own home. You become uneasy and hyper-afraid of another home invasion occurring.

Your home is your haven, so it is important to make it secure. Many homes are invaded because they had no form of surveillance system. Chicago homes with a surveillance system are three times less likely to be broken into. There were 9,000 Chicago home invasions in 2015, so be sure to take the necessary steps to protect your home from the many financial and emotional damages a burglary can leave.

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